What is the Feldenkrais Method?
Who can benefit from Feldenkrais?

How is the Feldenkrais Method taught?

The Feldenkrais Method subtly "rewires" or re-educates your nervous system in two ways:

1. Individual Functional Integration Lessons

Individual lessons are a hands on process, that have the aim of communicating new sensory configurations and a new motor organization to your body. The practitioner tailors each movement lesson to meet your body s own unique needs.

I am available for individual lessons at Warrawee and Moorebank as well as providing a mobile service to the western suburbs of Sydney.

2. Awareness Through Movement Classes

These group lessons are designed to enable you to function the best you can in daily activities or special performances. The Feldenkrais Practitioner guides you through a sequence of verbally instructed movements, which are done slowly and without effort, to discover new patterns of movement organisation.