What is the Feldenkrais Method?
How does Feldenkrais work?
Who can benefit from Feldenkrais?

Feldenkrais doesn't look at the vertebrae that is out of place as a chiropractor would or at a muscle that is a tight as a massage therapist would. Instead, a Feldenkrais practitioner looks at the movement pattern that is causing the problem.

The Feldenkrais Method sees the body-mind as an integrated system. An imbalance anywhere in the system will affect your overall level of well-being. The Feldenkrais Method acknowledges individual differences and interventions are therefore tailored to suit individual needs.

The development of our sensory self-awareness is promoted by breaking down functional patterns and movements into smaller components. This allows us to establish new neural connections between the motor cortex of the brain and the muscular system.

Feldenkrais practitioners do not see what you do as incorrect and then attempt to correct it. Rather they create conditions that enable you to have more choices.